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13.5inch 72W LED light Bar

13.5″ 72w LED Auxiliary light bar

  • Model: XD-WLB-72
  • Power: 72w(24x3w),4300-4500lm,9-32DC
  • 72w: 24pcs*3w Epistar LED or Cree LED
  • Product color: Black housing
  • Daylight Kevin: 6000K-6500K
  • Beam angle: 30 degree / 60 degree
  • Housing Material: Heat-sink 6063 aluminum
  • Material of Lens: Transparent PC
  • Accessories: Screw and bracket, 
  • Quality Certification: CE/ROHS/IP67
  • Lifespan: 30000 hours 

13.5″ LED Light Bar 72w (24x3w) 

  72Watt LED light bar,24pcs 3W Cree chips or Epistar Chips. can be used on All different kinds of Vehicles, off-road vehicles,etc

 72watt-13.5inch--led-light-bar-24x3w-big          led-bar-side-big

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Off-Road car-led worklight-led light bar-application

How can our 72w led light bar work on this big vehicles.


1: Vehicles: Motorcycles, buses, off-road vehicles, SUV, Jeep, etc

2: Super construction vehicles: Cranes, Harvesters, Earth diggings,etc

3: Transportation Vehicle: trucks, big trucks, road trucks, 

4: Other place: stations, garages,building, fire trucks, police trucks,

Why use Our LED Work lights

1:  We one of top suppliers who can provide led work light, led auxiliary light bar 

2: We almost has no quality complaint form our clients. quality-guranteed.

3: At lest saving 0.7kw/hour than other HPS, Metal Halide light

4: High CRI daylight Kevin, and can be used on DC9-32V.

5: IP67 Water proof, CE/ROHS/FCC certifications

LED bar,LED light bar, LED auxiliary light bar

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led worklight-led light bar-application

LED auxiliary lights: LED light bars and LED Work lights on big Off-Road vehicles

Off-Road car-led worklight-led light bar-application

Cool Big vehicles with LED Work lamp and led bar/ light bars on

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