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27W Square LED Work light

4.5″ Square 27w Watt LED worklight / led work lamp / Auxiliary work lights

27Watt-Square-led-worklight-9x3w-front        27Watt-Square-led-worklight-9x3w-2D  
  • Model: XD-WL-27-S-E
  • LED Power: 10-60DC 27W,2000-2150lm,
  • 27w: 9pcs*3w Epistar LED 
  • Color: Black or White, Black in stock
  • Temperature: 6000K-6500 Kevin
  • Beam angle: 30 Spot/Flood 60 degree
  • Housing Material: 6063 Die-cast aluminum,
  • PC 30/60 degree Lens,
  • Stainless steel bracket, 
  • CE/ROHS/IP67 Listed
  • 30000 hours lifespan

4.5″ 27w (9x3w) LED Work light – Powered by Epistar Chip

  Square LED Worklight:  27W (9cs 3W Epistar Chips). Saving 0.75kw/Hour over Metal Halide or HPS. We can see them on All kinds of vehicles, off-road vehicles, earth digging machines, trucks etc

9x3w-led-worklight-Square-front     9x3w-led-worklight-square-side      9x3w-led-worklight-Square-back     LED-Work-Lamp-Mounting-Bracket-component

Detail photos and components review

27Watt-led-work-lamp-off-road vehicle-applicationcar

Testimonials Applications

   By using 27Watt led work lights on the top of Off-Road vehicle. 


1:  Big machines and vehicles: Transportation vehicles, Construction vehicles, harvesters, earth diggings, bulldozers

2: Vehicles: off-Road vehicles, off-road cars, SUV,Race car,etc. we need use led work lights as auxiliary lights.

3: Building, construction site, garage, gas stations,etc

4: Works Special Places: Fire alarm trucks, arm trucks, Motorcycles etc

Why use Our LED Work lights

1: We can saving more then 0.75kw/hour than HPS, Halogen,Metal Halide lights

2: Widely range input 9-32v voltage, that can be used on all kinds of place where can provide 9-32V DC voltag

3:  Quality-Guaranteed, Water Proof: IP67, CE/ROHS/FCC certifications

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LED Work lights works as auxiliary lights on Off-Road Vehicles and LED work lamp used on Harvester,Harvesting implements

Off-Road car-led worklight-led light bar-application

LED Work lights and LED Lights bar used on Off-Road Vehicles   


We can find lots of LED Work lamp on big machines and Vehicles 


27w led Square worklights on Crane

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