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300W LED Cree Chip Floodlight

Fly-LED  300W LED Cree Chip Floodlight and High bay.

300W LED Revolution Floodlight


  • IP67 waterproof 300W Cree Chip LED floodlight
  • used as Billboard lighting,Sports stadium lighting,Airport lighting, Square lighting, football court lighting, construction site lighting, Golf Court lighting, tennis court lighting, Parking lighting, tunnel lighting. street lighting warehouse lightings,etc.
  • Powered by Cree or Bridgelux chip + Meanwell or Philips Driver,
  •  10 years lifespan and 5 years warranty.
  • Can replace 700-1000w HID and Halide Metal lights, saving more than 75%.



Features at a glance:

  • CREE or Bridgelux LEDS,  >100 Lm/W lumen efficacy. Save 80% Money to traditional lamps
  •  state with vibration resistance
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 40 degrees,80,000 hour LED life 
  • 5 year system warranty. CE, Rohs,EMC IP65
  • Provided standrad IES Lab file and Provide Free Dialux lighting design.
  • 10/15/24/38/60/90 degree beam angle Excellent optical for flood lighting
  • Modular design, easily maintenance, Standard SUS 304 Stainless bracket
  • Meanwell 90-305v or 0-10v dimmable Driver. High CRI >75,
  • Patented heat-sink with lower than 65 Temperature. Solid
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300w led Cree Chip flood light 2D Drawing

 300w2d-1            300w2d-2


Sussessful Application Photos

210W floodlight- Where to Use  LED foodlight-highbay-gym-application

270W270 w flood light Where to Use   foodlight-highbay-outdoor-football-court-application

400w-led-floodliht-Airport-Cambodia-3   80w-led-floodlight-Horse Club-France-4

300w-projectlights-useplace-golf Court-Japan2   250w-led-floodlight-billboard-Japan-2


300W LED floodlight – Cree chip – Luminance lndication(Center lux)

300wLED Floodlight Luminance Indication(Center Lux)-24-38-60


LED 300W Cree chip floodlight Product Features:

1. High CRI: 75-90. 110-130lm/w Light efficiency
2. Can produced The most powerful led floodlight in the world (80w to 4000w)
3. Best PMMA lens, almost no light loss, illumination distance is  3000 meters
4. Enough Heatsink area to make our lighing in an ideal temperature stable
5. The powerful COB Cree ( USA) chip souce or Bridgelux.
6. Working life > 80 000 hours,CE/ROHS/EMC Cerfiticates
7. IP65 for Outdoor using environment 


 Our goal:

1:  To Provide the most Poweful led floolight. Spcialize in 80-4000w Cree chip Floodlight

2:  Keep almost to be No.1 to provide the brightest flood light in the world.

3: Always Design the unique stype floodlight.We only produce the unique led floodlight style for you.

 4: Unbelieveable and  best service for you.



▲ ED-FL060: 60w – 7200 Lm±5% –35*21*12cm(L*W*H) – 8 kg

▲ EFGD-FL090: 80w – 9600 Lm±5% –35*26*12cm(L*W*H) – 8.5kg

▲ EFD-FL100: 100w – 12000 Lm±5% –35*26*12 cm (L*W*H) – 8.5kg

▲ EFD-FL120: 120w – 14400 Lm±5% –35*28*12 cm (L*W*H) – 9.0kg

▲ EFD-FL150: 150w – 18000 Lm±5% –35*34*12 cm (L*W*H) – 10kg

▲ EFD-FL180: 180w – 21600 Lm±5% –35*40*12 cm (L*W*H) – 10.5kg

▲ EFD-FL200: 200w – 24000 Lm±5% –35*40*12 cm (L*W*H) – 11kg

▲ EFD-FL250: 250w – 30000 Lm±5% –35*52*12 cm (L*W*H) – 12kg

▲ EFD-FL300: 300w – 36000 Lm±5% – 60*46*12 cm (L*W*H) – 20kg

▲ EFD-FL350: 350w – 43000 Lm±5% –60*46*12 cm (L*W*H) – 22kg

▲ EFD-FL420: 420w – 50000 Lm±5% –60*52*12 cm cm (L*W*H) – 23kg

▲ EFD-FL480: 480w – 57000 Lm±5% –60*58*12 cm (L*W*H) – 24kg

▲ EFD-FL600: 600w –72000 Lm±5% –60*64*12 cm (L*W*H) – 26kg

▲ EFD-FL660: 660w – 79000 Lm±5% –60*70*12 cm (L*W*H) – 28kg

▲ EFD-FL720: 720w – 86400 Lm±5% –60*76*12 cm (L*W*H) – 31kg

▲ EFD-FL800: 800w – 96000 Lm±5% –60*80*12 cm (L*W*H) –32.5kg

▲ EFD-FL900: 900w – 108000 Lm±5% –54*86*15cm (L*W*H) – 34.5kg

▲ EFD-FL1000: 1000w – 120000 Lm±5% –54*100*15cm  (L*W*H) – 39kg


Ordering : MOQ= 2 PCS

 Part #          Color Temp        Voltage      Beam Angle       Dimmable

EGD-FL060         WW-2700-3300k                                      10°        

EGD-FL090                                         V1-85-265V                                 ND– non-Dim

EGD-FL100          NW-4000-5000k                                       25°

EGD-FL120                                          V2-90-305V                                 DM– 0-10V Dim

EGD-FL150           CW-6000-7000k                                      40°                 (90-305v)

EGD-FL180                                            V3-480V

EGD-FL300                                                                         60°                DM– DALI


EGD-FL420                                                                         90°                 DM– PWM



 Ordering Example: EGD-FL100-NW-V2-30*30-ND

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建筑 拷贝   足球场 拷贝

长江 拷贝   体育馆 拷贝

遂道拷贝   建筑类拷贝

广告牌 拷贝   公路遂道 拷贝

Exhibition   操场拷贝


More Cases...

Item 1.Gym

Sussessful Cases with their Dialux design(Exterior Scene 1 / 3D Rendering)

football field-False Color Rendering_看图王

football field-Value ChartValue Chart_看图王

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