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      Hello, and Welcome to, one of leader of LED Products Manufacturing in China. We R&D the lightings with Standardized and Certified Products for the customer’s demanding applications, For providing a wide variety of clients in Commerical and Industries such as Hotel, Hospital, School, Supermarket, home,  office, government installations, Refining, Factory, Gym, Bridge, Billbord, Square, Harbor, Airport, Gas Station, Retail chain, fooding processing, Car manufacturing, Agricultural, and many others place. Thanks ahead and welcome your inquiries, Surely, we are dedicated to improve your life by our ideal LED lights.

      Once you stay on our website and have a closer look at our product line, you will notice that we generally deal with high-power needs and high-demand products. LED highbays, LED tubes,   LED Floodlights, LED MR16, LED GU10, LED Par lights, LED spotlights, LED Downlights, LED Retrofit lights, LED Bulbs, LED G24, G23, 2G11 are among the most power-demanding items on the market. We might not carry all LED products, But the ones we do are the best available.

     You can enjoy our quickly and efficiently help to remove those power-hungry units form your surroundings, and replace them with lights that can save 75% and greater life expectancy in any place that need ligts.

     LED Light conversion has been Popular in Europe and American for the past 6 years. In these years, we have participated and helped many clients planned their project, Continued, our experts team will bring our hand into global.

 Fly-led aim to control our quality to meet different clients standards. Once you come to LED lights, we are your best chose.

    Start saving right now with Fly-led together.



 Ecocore Fly-LED is focused on R&D smartest performance LED lights for industrial and commercial using 


 Industrial Lights

LED Low Bays, High Bays, Floodlights, Wall Washer, Streetlights, Tubes, Project lights, Canopy lights ....

Ecocore Fly-LED is committed to Supporting and developing Agents or distributors


Commercial lights

LED Tubes, Bulbs, Downlights, Spotlights, Panels, Low bays, High bays,Tracking lights, Retrofit lights...

Ecocore Fly-LED help you to design dialux lights simulations and led lightings for free

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