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Industrial lights

Industrial LED Lights

LED Revolution Flood lights

  • 1500W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 1400W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 1300W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 1200W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 1100W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 1000W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 900W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 840W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 810W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 720W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 630W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 600W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 540W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 480W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 420W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 360W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 300W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 270W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 240W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 210W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 180W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 150W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 120W LED Revolution Floodlight
  • 90W LED Revolution Floodlight

LED Classic Flood lights

  • 600W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 500W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 400W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 350W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 300W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 250W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 200W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 150W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 100W LED Classic Flood Light
  • 80W LED Classic Flood Light

LED Suspension High Bay

LED Low Bay Lights

  • 150W LED Low Bay
  • 120W LED Low Bay
  • 100W LED Low Bay
  • 90W LED Low Bay
  • 60W LED Low Bay

LED High Bay Flood Light

  • 600W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 500W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 400W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 360W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 300W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 250W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 200W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 150W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 100W LED High bay Flood Light
  • 80W LED High bay Flood Light

LED Commercial Lights

LED Projector Lights

LED Work Lights

 Ecocore Fly-LED is focused on R&D smartest performance LED lights for industrial and commercial using 


 Industrial Lights

LED Low Bays, High Bays, Floodlights, Wall Washer, Streetlights, Tubes, Project lights, Canopy lights ....

Ecocore Fly-LED is committed to Supporting and developing Agents or distributors


Commercial lights

LED Tubes, Bulbs, Downlights, Spotlights, Panels, Low bays, High bays,Tracking lights, Retrofit lights...

Ecocore Fly-LED help you to design dialux lights simulations and led lightings for free

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