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LED Floodlights

    LED flood lights from Fly-LED’s best sales. Our LED Floodlights use the latest LED Chip technology. Current we have: Powered by Phillips Chip series, LED Bridgelux COB series, Powered by Cree chip series etc.

    All these LED Flood lights retrofit your industrial lighting and commercial lights, Join us for saving 50-75% money by using our led floodlights,led park lights, led high bays, led airports lights, led area lights, led harbor lights…

LED-Floodlight-elite-series 70w-Fanned-LED-Floodlight LED-Floodlight-30w-Classic series 10W-LED Motion-floodlight 10w-led-rgb-floodlight
Type Name: Philips Rebel XD-PL-180 XD-PL-240 XD-PL-300 XD-PL-360
Power: 60W – 600W 10W – 200W 10W – 50W  10W – 50W
10W – 50W
LED Chip: Philips Rebel Bridgelux COB Bridgelux COB Bridgelux COB Bridgelux COB
Beam angle:
30/60/60*135/85*135 120
120 120 120
Saving Money: 0.5-0.75kw/hrs 0.5-0.65kw/hrs 0.5-0.65kw/hrs 0.6kw/hrs
Install height: 10-60m 2-30m 2-6m 2-6m 2-6m

LED Testimonial 1  — Jewelry Shop in Hong Kong… 

150w-led-floodlight-Jewelry shop-Hong Kong-1       150w-led-floodlight-Jewelry shop-Hong Kong-2

Testimonial 2 — Advertisement board in Japan


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LED Flood lights videos … 

Philips led floodlight introdcution

LED flood light VS HPS lamp

Our flood lights ageing test

 Ecocore Fly-LED is focused on R&D smartest performance LED lights for industrial and commercial using 


 Industrial Lights

LED Low Bays, High Bays, Floodlights, Wall Washer, Streetlights, Tubes, Project lights, Canopy lights ....

Ecocore Fly-LED is committed to Supporting and developing Agents or distributors


Commercial lights

LED Tubes, Bulbs, Downlights, Spotlights, Panels, Low bays, High bays,Tracking lights, Retrofit lights...

Ecocore Fly-LED help you to design dialux lights simulations and led lightings for free

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