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LED G12 light

 Ecocore Fly-LED G12 base products Overview

  • Corn light with G12 base, G12 10w cornlight

      10W-LED-G12-Cornlight-flyledlighting          g12-cornlight-2d

10w G12 Cornlight: Beam angle: 360°,900lm

  • G12 Base Par 30 COB 15W led Parlight

        G12-PAR30-15W-parlight-flyledlighting     G12-Parlight-COB-par30-2d

15w G12 Par30 light: Beam angle: 24°/38°,1400lm

  • LED Par30 light with G12 base 25w/35W

25w-led-Parlight       G12-Parlight-par30-2d

 25w G12 Par30 light: Beam angle: 15°/25°/40°/60°,2400lm

GALLERY – Using installation

  • G12 10W Cornlight used as tracklight

g12-installation-flyledlightingReplaceTraditional G12 lights      


  • Par30 G12  Par light 15w:installation

      G12-Parlight-install 1

              1: Remove the reflector and G12 light

              2: Directly install LED G12 Par 30 light

              3: install the lamp cover then ok 

  •  Par30 G12  Par light 25w:installation


           1: Remove the Previous  G12 Par30

           2: Install LED G12 Par 30 

           3: install the lamp cover 

GALLERY Photos… 


g12 lights-used as-tracklight-case  g12 lights-used as-tracklight-case3  LED-G12-Application-shop

g12 lights-used as-tracklight-case2  G12-Parlight-using

LED-G12-using-sample1-flyledlighting     G12-LED-Parlight-installed2      G12-LED-Parlight-installed1      G12-Metal Halide


1.  Hospital/Supermarket/ School/ Hotel/ Shop/ Store 

2. Home/bedroom/living room/washroom/ Kitchen

3.  Company/Factory/Meeting Room/Show Room

 Ecocore Fly-LED is focused on R&D smartest performance LED lights for industrial and commercial using 


 Industrial Lights

LED Low Bays, High Bays, Floodlights, Wall Washer, Streetlights, Tubes, Project lights, Canopy lights ....

Ecocore Fly-LED is committed to Supporting and developing Agents or distributors


Commercial lights

LED Tubes, Bulbs, Downlights, Spotlights, Panels, Low bays, High bays,Tracking lights, Retrofit lights...

Ecocore Fly-LED help you to design dialux lights simulations and led lightings for free

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