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LED G24 Horizontal plug Lights

Factory products its 2pin,4pin G24/E27 Base G24 led 6w/8w/11w led g24 pl-plug lamps.Dimmable optional,cheapest price with highest quality.


        led G24/6w/SMD 2835                                       led G24/8w/SMD 2835

G24-2835-6W plug light        G24-2835-8W plug light

       led G24/6w/SMD 2835                                              LED G24/8w/COB

G24-2835-11W plug light        G24-COB-6W plug light

           LED G24/8w/COB                                                         LED G24/11w/COB

G24-COB-8W plug light        G24-COB-11W plug light

           LED G24/6w/SMD 5630                                      LED G24/8w/SMD 5630

led G24-5630-6W plug light        led G24-5630-8W plug light

      LED G24/11w/SMD 5630    

led G24-5630-11W plug light

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 Industrial Lights

LED Low Bays, High Bays, Floodlights, Wall Washer, Streetlights, Tubes, Project lights, Canopy lights ....

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Commercial lights

LED Tubes, Bulbs, Downlights, Spotlights, Panels, Low bays, High bays,Tracking lights, Retrofit lights...

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