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 LED Fanned high bay:

LED_highbay_150w_45degree_Fanned-Typical_series         LED_highbay_150w_Fanned_Cree_Classic_Series
LED Chips Optional typical

  • Typical Series: Bridgelux COB 
  • Classic Series: Cree 

Technical information

  • Power: 50w – 400w 
  • Output Lumen:90-100lm/w
  • Bean angle: 45/90/120/Clear 
  • Temp: 2700 – 6500K


                              LED High bay lights Catalog download PDF-download-sign

Basic Applications (the place where ceiling lighting is needed)

  • Workshops                
  • Sports stadiums
  • Warehouses            
  • Gas stations
  • Factories               
  • Supermarkets
  • Gymnasiums             
  • Parking garage
  • Aircraft hangars    
  • retail stores

Clients Testimonial:

150w-led-highbay-Metal workshop-China-3     150w-led highbay-workshop-Australia-3

 Aluminium manufacturer In China                                                Metal workshop In Australia

100w-led-highbay-workshop-Luthania-1    400w-led-highbay-Sport Stadium-China-1

              Metal Factory in Luthania                                                                            Sport Stadium in China

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 Headsink details

Fanned_highbay_heatsink_Copper_Cylinder-Model-color           Fanned_highbay_heatsink_Copper_Cylinder-Model

Colorful heatsink optional for your marketing                           Heatsink detail review

Fanned_highbay_heatsink_Copper_Cylinder-2d              Fanned_highbay_heatsink_Copper_Cylinder

      Copper cylinder +  Vacuum Cooling structure                         Inner Copper Cylinder

LED Features and Benefits

  • Energy saving: Saving up 60%  compared to HPS / Metal Halide/ HID lamps.
  • Maintenance saving: 50,000 hours lifespan, 3 years warranty, almost no maintenance fee
  • Quality guaranteed: Quality Cree or Bridgelux LED chip with Class I Meanwell power
  • Excellent performance: CRI>75,90-100LM/W; ISO Lab tested with IES standards
  • No harm to Environmental: Green, no Lead and mercury.
  • Voltage range: V1: 85-265VAC / V2: 90-277VAC / V3: 90-305VAC / V4: 90-305VAC
  • Power range: 60w to 400w, widely used on 6m to 40m height place 
  • Heatsink benefits: fanned heat sink with Copper cylinder conduction design ensures slow brightness decay.
LED_highbay_150w_Fanned_Cree_Classic_Series80w LED high bay.Used on 5m height position, Equal 200w halogen, metal halide or HPS LED_highbay_150w_Fanned-Typical100w LED high bay.Used on 10m height position, Equal 300w halogen, metal halide or HPS
LED_highbay_150w_45degree_Fanned-Typical_series150w LED high bay.Used on 15m height position, Equal 450w halogen, metal halide or HPS
LED_highbay_200w_45degree_Fanned-Typical_series200w LED high bay.Used on 15m height position, Equal 600w halogen, metal halide or HPS


▲ FL-HB60-C:    60w – 5500 Lm±5% – 7.9″(D) x 3.2″(H) – 2.5kg

▲ FL-HB80-C:    80w – 7200Lm±5% – 7.9″(D) x 3.9″(H) – 4.0kg

▲ FL-HB100-C:  100w – 9000 Lm±5% – 7.9″(D) x 5.1″(H) – 4.8kg

▲ FL-HB120-C:  120w – 11000 Lm±5% – 7.9″(D) x 6.7″(H) – 5.0kg

▲ FL-HB150-C:  150w – 13500 Lm±5% – 9.8″(D) x 6.3″(H) – 5.8kg

▲ FL-HB200-C:  200w – 13500 Lm±5% – 9.8″(D) x 8.7″(H) – 7.0kg

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