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120w LED High Bay

120W unique LED High Bay/Suspension Highbay/ Low Bay from Ecocore Fly-LED

120W LED Suspension High Bay-2-fly-led

Applications Place

  • Warehouses/Factories/Building
  • Gymnasiums/Sport Center/Hall
  • Shopping Mall/Supermarkets
  • Storehouses/Storage Facilities

Replaced Lights

  •  200w-300w HPS lights
  • 200w-300w Metal Halides
400w-led-highbay-Sport Stadium-China-4

 LED Features:

  1. – Replace 200-300w Metal Halides, saving 50%-75%
  2. – 45°/90°/120° reflectors for different using
  3. –  Can work in -40 to 40℃ Place
  4. – Meanwell driver with the best Cree Chip
  5. – Excellent IES File for lights design
  6. – 100w, 10000lm output (90-100lm/w)
  7. – 5 Years Warranty, CE,ROHS,FCC Certification

High Bay Power 120W
Luminous Flux 12000 lm
Input Voltage AC 90-305V
Power PF Meanwell >0.95
Color Kevin 3000K,5000k, 6000K
Work Temp. -40°C to +40°C
Control Mode Constant Current
CRI 75
Size Dia.550x440mm
Warranty 5 year warranty
Weight 7.2 kg
LED High Bay VS Metal Halide/HPS

LED High Bay Metal Halide/HPS
100W LED Suspension High Bay-fly-led LED High Bay VS Metal Halide
60/80W High Bay 100-150W Metal Halide
100/150W High Bay 200-300w Metal Halide
200/250W High Bay 400-500w Metal Halide
300/350W High Bay 600-800w Metal Halide
400/450W High Bay 1000w Metal Halide
500W LED High Bay 1500W Metal Halide
 Models Details:

  • EFD-HB060-C:   60w –  6000 Lm±5% –  29*29*39cm(L*W*H) – NW:4.3kg, GW:6.0kg
  • EFD-HB080-C:   80w –  8000 Lm±5% –  29*29*39cm(L*W*H) –NW:4.7kg, GW:6.2kg
  • EFD-HB100-C: 100w – 10000 Lm±5% – 29*29*44cm(L*W*H) –  NW:4.9Kg, GW:7.0kg
  • EFD-HB120-C: 120w – 12000 Lm±5% – 29*29*44cm(L*W*H) –  NW:5.6kg, GW:7.2kg
  • EFD-HB150-C: 150w – 15000 Lm±5% – 29*29*45cm(L*W*H) –  NW:6.6kg, GW:7.5kg
  • EFD-HB200-C: 200w – 20000 Lm±5% – 31*31*56cm(L*W*H) –  NW:8.0kg, GW:9.0kg
  • EFD-HB250-C: 250w – 25000 Lm±5% – 32*32*57cm(L*W*H) – NW:11.1kg,GW:10.5kg
  • EFD-HB300-C: 300w – 30000 Lm±5% – 32*32*61cm(L*W*H) –  NW:12.7kg,GW:12.5kg
  • EFD-HB350-C: 350w – 35000 Lm±5% – 35*35*62cm(L*W*H) – NW:14.9kg,GW:14.5kg
  • EFD-HB400-C: 400w – 40000 Lm±5% – 35*35*62cm(L*W*H) – NW:16.9kg,GW:16.0kg
  • EFD-HB450-C: 450w – 45000 Lm±5% – 35*35*67cm(L*W*H) – NW:18.4kg,GW:17.0kg
  • EFD-HB500-C: 500w – 50000 Lm±5% – 35*35*72cm(L*W*H) – NW:22.0kg,GW:24.0kg

45°/90°/120° reflectors 2D Drawing

LED highbay-120w-45 Ecorcore FIy LED

120W Highbay 45°


120W Highbay90°


120W Highbay 120°

45°/90°/120° reflectors distance light Distributon Curve

led high bay 120w-45 Ecocore FIy LED

LED 120w High Bay 45°
Distribution Curve

led high bay 120w-90 Ecocore FIy LED

LED 120W High Bay 90°
Distribution Curve

led high bay 120w-120 Ecocore FIy LED

LED 120W High Bay 120°
Distribution Curve

Ecocore Fly-LED 120W LED High Bay Temperature test ( test temperature=45°c)

 led high bay 120w Ecocore FIy LED



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