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UFO LED High bays

LED UFO high bays for all your lighting applications:

like Warehouses,workshop,factory,indoor stadium,Gym, as well as other industrial places. it is an good replacement for Metal Halide, HID Lamp, induction lights. 


 Our UFO high bays is powered by high performance Philips 3030 Chips. by different quantity of led chips, can provide form 120-160lm/w. replace up than 80% energy.

Type of UFO high bays 

 50w/60w/80w/100w/150w/200w/240w ufo led high bay –  best high bay/low bay/ high mast lightings ,Philips 3030 chips, 4 series: cheap/classic/square/elite 


I Series: Cheapest type 

E40-Cheap type-LED-UFO-High bay-Front E40-Cheap type-LED-UFO-High bay-2 Cheap type-LED-UFO-High bay-no driver type Cheap type-LED-UFO-High bay-Frosted cover-round driver cover Cheap type-LED-UFO-High bay-Frosted cover-driver outside-back


Model Power lumen replace Dimension Color Warranty
EFD-HB50-I 90-307V/50W 6500lm 100-150w HID Dia.265* H40 Black/White 3 years
EFD-HB60-I 90-307V/60W 7800lm 120-200w HID Dia.265* H40 Black/White 3 years
EFD-HB100-I 90-307V/100W 13000lm 200-300w HID Dia.310* H40 Black/White 3 years
EFD-HB150-I 90-307V/1050W 19500lm 300-500w HID Dia.310* H80 Black/White 3 years

 Features & Benefits

  • Light and small, Easily using, Pure Aluminum Heatsink, Low Maintencamce, Cheapest type
  • Multi-using with E40, Hang, driver outside/ inside/ non-driver type optional
  • PC Clear/ PC milky/ 60 degree/120 degree optional
  • Powerful Philips 3030 CHips + Meanwell driver. More quanitty of chips VS others. 


II Series: Classic type 

LED-UFO-High bay-200w-side LED-UFO-High bay-120w-back LED-UFO-High bay-Classic type-120degree LED-UFO-High bay-detail LED-UFO-High bay-Classic type-front side-60degree


Model Power lumen replace Dimension Color Warranty
EFD-HB120-2 90-307V/120W 18000lm 300-400w HID Dia.310* H80 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB150-2 90-307V/150W 22500lm 400-500w HID Dia.310* H120 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB200-2 90-307V/200W 28000lm 500-600w HID Dia.350* H120 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB240-2 90-307V/240W 33600lm 600-700w HID Dia.350* H120 Black/White 5 years

 Features & Benefits

  • UFO Classic High bay and good look, especial the red cover, 100% Pure Aluminum Fanned Heatsink, seldom Maintencamce
  • Excell lumen/lux performance over than 140-160lm/w, foused on best performance and saving
  •  lens of 60  and 120 degree/ or non lens PC Cover optional
  • 50% more quantity of Philips 3030 chip than others and Powered by Meanwell driver, 5 years warranty


III Square: Classic type 

 Square-LED-UFO-High bay-side2 Square-LED-UFO-High bay-200w Square-LED-UFO-High bay-150w-120degree Square-LED-UFO-High bay-back Square-LED-UFO-High bay-side


Model Power lumen replace Dimension Color Warranty
EFD-HB50-3 90-307V/50W 7500lm 100-200w HID 240*240*35 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB60-3 90-307V/60W 9000lm 200-300w HID 240*240*35 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB120-3 90-307V/120W 18000lm 300-400w HID 285*285*60 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB150-3 90-307V/150W 22500lm 400-500w HID 285*285*110 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB200-3 90-307V/200W 33600lm 500-600w HID 285*285*110 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB240-3 90-307V/240W 33600lm 600-700w HID 285*285*110 Black/White 5 years

 Features & Benefits

  • Square UPO High bay type for special client tastes. good heatsink form patented fanned technical. Maintencamce
  • if want saving more, we are the best choice, we any foucs on provided more lumen and less power for clients.
  •  PC cover, 60 and 120 degree lens, ip40 and ip65 For choice. 
  • CRI> 80 of Philips 3030 chip than others and Powered by Meanwell driver, 5 years warranty


IV Square: Elite type
UFO led high bay-elite 200w UFO led high bay-elite 150w UFO led high bay-elite E40-200w UFO led high bay-elite 100W UFO led high bay-elite


Model Power lumen replace Dimension Color Warranty
EFD-HB80-4 90-307V/80W 10000lm 100-200w HPS Dia.260*H177 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB100-4 90-307V/100W 13000lm 200-300w HPS Dia.260* H177 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB120-4 90-307V/120W 16000lm 300-400w HPS Dia.260* H177 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB150-4 90-307V/150W 19500lm 400-500w HPS Dia.260* H177 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB200-4 90-307V/200W 26000lm 500-600w HPS Dia.400* H177 Black/White 5 years
EFD-HB240-4 90-307V/240W 31600lm 600-700w HPS Dia.400* H177 Black/White 5 years

 Features & Benefits

  • Elite led UFO high bay widely used in warehouse, factorty,gym, high mast place. >130-160lm/w, harsh place using
  • Durable surface hook or mount bracket with 60/90/120 degree lens with different lab ies file 
  •  RGB/0-10V Dimmable optional, can used as low bay, high bay, high mast lights etc. CRI>80 Special for industrial using.
  • 50,000 hours /5 years warranty, CE/Rohs/EMC/ETL/TUV/DLC rated
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